Google Phone revealed as E28 Linux handset! Well, maybe…

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The blogosphere’s abuzz today with reports that this is the Google Phone (or Gphone, depending on your preference). It’s a handset from Chinese manufacturer E28, which has been pegged as being the likely core of the Gphone, with Google’s suite of applications closely integrated.

Some intriguing aspects: E28 is big on Linux, and has a bunch of documents on its website stressing its commitment to the ‘era of convergence’, including wireless VoIP. Obviously, that would fit right in with any Google plan to launch a mobile version of its Google Talk VoIP software.

E28 has also apparently been testing voice call roaming between cellular and Wi-Fi networks, which would come in handy. So is this handset the Gphone? Well, I tend more to the view that there’ll be several Gphones from different manufacturers, tied together by the same OS and applications. So this could be one of ’em. Watch this space.

(via The India Street)

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