Another rumour to add to the Google phone list: official announcement scheduled for mid-November

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google-logo-again.jpgMy, how we love a good GPhone rumour, and they’re certainly flying thick and fast of late.

The latest cat to be let out of the bag in regards to the rumoured Google phone is that the big G will be announcing the launch mid November. That’s less than a month, folks, until we can finally see Google’s answer to the iPhone. Again, we’re hearing rumours the OS will be open-source, with developers encouraged to design apps for it, which is certainly a one-up on the iBrick, which as yet is still closed until early next year at the earliest, when it opens up development for ‘native’ third-party applications. Roll on Gphone, there’s plenty of G-spots a-quivering with the thoughts of the potential sexiness of this new mobile!

(via Moco News)

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