Renegade Game Chair comes to the UK: ultimate sit down gaming


renegade_games_chair_ultimate_gaming_chair.jpgThe Gaming Collection has announced that its US best-selling Ultimate Game Chair range is now available in the UK.

The two latest versions are The Renegade and The UGC, both of which are designed to offer a higher level of interactivity from their gaming, while still sitting down.

Both chairs will shake and rumble in time with the gaming action, headset speakers provide 3D sound, and ground-effect lighting gives an extra dimension.

As if that weren’t enough, the chair also reclines, becoming a relaxing massager complete with kick plate.

It’s compatible with the major consoles and PC/Mac, and features audio outputs for connecting up to a sound system. The massage settings can also be set to synchronise with the gameplay “for unwinding after a hard day’s gaming”. Aww, poor back.

Unsurprisingly, and importantly, it also allows steering wheels, shooters, and other external devices to be hooked up to it. A pull-out compartment allows for storage of games and accessories (does that include beer and nachos? – apparently it does, there’s a beverage holder, too)

Cost for this gamers luxury? Around £225. It can even be ordered in time for Christmas.

The Gaming Collection

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