Meet the KU-580: LG's new Chocolate Google phone!

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lg-ku580-google.jpgOkay, so that’s not what LG is calling it, but the two key selling points of its new handset are that it’s a bit like the iconic Chocolate phone, and that it comes with all manner of Google applications preloaded on it. Brand it as the Choogle, and they’d sell millions! Maybe.

The phone itself is a candybar 3G handset with a two-inch widescreen display, which should make surfing proper websites a bit easier. It’s got a two-megapixel camera, an FM tuner, and can play your MP3s via Bluetooth stereo to headphones or speakers.

And the Googleness? Google Search, Gmail and Google Maps are all preloaded on the phone. A UK release date hasn’t been confirmed yet though – Italian and French mobile users will get their hands on it first, the lucky beggars.

It’s an iPhone-kille… <snip>

LG website (via The Register)

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  • I use google for everything and the fact that its already preloaded in this phone is what I liked and the fm radio and the sleek, smooth bar design. Too bad these aren’t available in the U.S.

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