The 187-game arcade cabinet with a built-in beer pump


gamerator.JPGGames and beer. A marvellous combination, I’m sure you’ll agree. Even if your Pro Evo skills do slip after four pints or so. Sadly, Konami’s fab footy game isn’t included in the Gamerator, but everything else is right with it. Why? It’s an arcade cabinet with built-in beer storage, of course.

So, on the surface it’s an old-skool arcade cabinet with 187 games preloaded (including Pac-Man, Gauntlet, Operation Wolf, Rainbow Islands and Rampage), and a 24-inch flat screen. But in the back of the cabinet, it’s got a mini-fridge, capable of holding a keg of beer, which is then distributed via a nozzle at the front.

Genius. Plus you can hook your Xbox 360, Wii or PS3 up to it if you want to. Worth $2,000 of any gamer’s money, although you’ll have to buy one on eBay if you’re sold on the idea.

Gamerator auction (via Geekologie)

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