Conservatives launch video channel… but what about Webcameron?

Web 2.0

conservatives-friction.jpgThe Conservative Party has launched a branded channel on video debating site, in what it says is an attempt to engage with the public about key issues.

It’s the first mainstream British political party to set up shop on the site, although Labour has its own YouTube channel. Actually, the Tories aren’t new to this video engagement lark either, as leader David Cameron has been webcasting on his own Webcameron channel for a while now. I wonder why the sudden change to an external site.

Anyway, the party’s Friction channel will host two new videos a week, with the site’s users invited to respond with their own video opinions. “Friction has already proved itself as a robust debating environment and we are delighted to be part of a rapidly growing online community that is already discussing the issues shaping our society,” says a spokesperson. website

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