uHavePassed.com provides driving theory software for mobile-toting Learner Drivers

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learner-driver-tricycle.jpgThe CEOs at Luzia Research must be done quizzing their teenaged offspring about what the ‘yoof of today want to help them in passing their driving theory tests, and have launched uHavePassed.com for UK driving-hopefuls.

There’s a free version of the software on the site, available to download to mobile handsets, which contains more than 1,000 driving theory questions and related games to aid you in your aspirations to tear up the bitumen of our fine country roads. Let’s just hope the kiddywinks don’t try answering the questions while actually sitting behind the wheel, practising. I wouldn’t put it past the young whippersnappers of today…oh noes! I’ve become my grandmother!


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Katherine Hannaford
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