New mobile driving legislation – your boss could end up in court

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It’s all over the media – a £60 fine and three points on your licence if you get caught using a mobile in your vehicle without a hands-free kit. But did you know your boss could also be dragged before the courts too?

According to a survey undertaken by YouGov in association with hands-free specialists Jabra, 68% of employers are aware of harsher penalties introduced today for mobile phone use in the car, but nearly one in four could be liable for prosecution if their employees use a mobile phone for work-related calls while driving.

Why? Well under Department of Transport guidelines, employers are liable if they require employees to use a hand-held phone while driving or if they fail to forbid employees to use such phones on company business. Around 78% of businesses have introduced a mobile phone policy for in-car use, but a number of smaller businesses (around a third) have no policy in place.

“Our survey highlights confusion amongst employers regarding their responsibility under legislation governing in-car mobile phone use for work-related calls. Given the high awareness of employer liability under existing mobile phone laws, it is worrying that only 78% of companies actually have a policy in place to ensure the safety of their staff and reduce the risk of prosecution, especially when providing a solution can cost less than £20 per employee,” commented Andrew Doyle, UK Country Manager, Jabra.

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