Cause of mystery Zune shutdown revealed


If you’re a Zune 30 owner – okay, chances are you’re not, but it’s interesting anyway – then you might have noticed that your Zune took a day’s holiday on 31st December. Microsoft has now issued an official response to the problem.

Turns out that the people who thought it might be something to do with the leap year were correct. The internal clock driver couldn’t work out the fact that there were 366 days in this year. The solution? Wait. Come midnight, US west coast time, all the Zune 30s started working perfectly again.

I can confirm that mine’s certainly back to normal. If you’re still having trouble, then try letting the device run out its battery, then charging it again and turning it on. It should then be fine. If not, drop us a line in the comments below.

30gb zune issues – official update (via comments on our original post)

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