Sony updates BWU-200S PC Blu-ray burner SHOCKER!


blu-ray-burner.jpgYes, bit of a boring product here, obvious through it being shunted off to the left there, with the text wrapped around the image so firmly. Definitely one for the Blu-ray fanatics to ogle, whilst the rest of us can shake our heads disapprovingly, smug with our HD-DVD blankets around us.

Sony has updated their internal PC Blu-ray burner, with the BWU-200S writing up to 50GB in just 45 minutes. For the Sony fanboys who’ll buy anything with a Sony badge slapped on it, but haven’t yet made the move to the HD format, they’ll be pleased to know it also writes to standard DVD format as well, at speeds of 16x. Yawn! The burner uses Cyberlink BD software for all playback, editing and burning desires. Available from next month, it will be 600 big ones (American big ones, that is).

Sony BWU-200S (via Gizmodo)

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