Sony's AWG170A – their fastest DVD burner


You’d think Sony would be throwing all their eggs into the Blu-ray basket right now. Not so – they’re still working with the humble DVD and now working with NEC in a joint venture to produce the AWG170A DVD writer, which promises writing/reading speeds at the highest level available in the industry today.

The AWG170A can achieve 18x DVD±R overspeed writing on 16x single layer media, along with 12x DVD-RAM write/read speed – an increase of over 50%. The drive supports all DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW media including double and dual layer DVD Recordable discs and has been tested with over 400 media types, including 8x recording of both DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL double/dual layer discs. Rewriteable DVDs are recorded at 8x (DVD+RW) or 6x (DVD-RW) speed but can be read at up to 13x. The drive also supports CD-R writing/reading of 48x speed.

Other new key features include an Active Disc Position Adjustment – a function that compensates for an unbalanced disc and the Static Damper System used to minimise shock and vibration during the read/write operation. The AWG170A has a self-cooling design that doesn’t require a mechanical fan and is one of the shortest drives on the market, which should benefit the airflow within the PC.

The AWG170A is available in four colour variations in the coming weeks, price to be confirmed.

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