Denon D-F102DAB micro component system with DAB

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A number of the big hi-fi names seemed to have cottoned on to the fact that we want a good home audio system, but often haven’t got the space for the full stacking experience. The latest company to miniaturise their high-end technology is Denon, which has unveiled the D-F102DAB micro component system with DAB radio.

According to Denon, only the size has gone down, not the quality, with the D-F102DAB using audiophile components and technology from Denon’s Advanced Evolution hi-fi. In addition, the speakers are specifically tuned for UK ears and combined with the hi-grade amplifiers, should offer a qulaity of sound you don’t usually find in a system of this size/price bracket. But if I were you, I’d give it a showroom listen and make your own mind up on that.

The D-F102DAB features DAB and RDS FM Radio with 35 watts per channel, a 192kHz/24bit CD player with MP3/WMA playback, iPod integration via an optional dock, which shows track data on the system screen and allows iPod operation from your Denon remote, along with two additions for those of us with dusty old music collections – a phono input for record decks and an optional cassette deck. 

The D-F102DAB is available now, priced at £400 for the system and remote, an additional £100 for the speakers and a further £150 for the cassette deck.

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