Get your hands on Charlie Sheen's home gym

eBay goodies from Bayraider, Gadgets

So, you spent hundreds of pounds on that home gym gear to get yourself fit, and now it’s rusting away in the garage. Don’t worry: even Hollywood superstars do the same thing. At least, that’s the conclusion to draw from this eBay auction on Bayraider for Charlie Sheen’s home gym, which he originally paid over $20,000 for, but is now on eBay for $995 "in like-new condition".

Meanwhile, if you’re less fitness-focused and more gadgety, you may want to check a couple of other auctions found by Bayraider today: such as this gold-plated iPod Nano, this baseball bat signed by the Sopranos cast, or this collection of Snakes On A Plane tat. Because you can never have enough ceramic piggy-banks based on popular snake-related B-movies.

Stuart Dredge
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