Lexmark's printer with CD burner


Every so often comes a device that has me thinking, why didn’t they do that before? Well in this instance it’s the Lexmark P450 – the first ever inkjet photo printer with built-in CD burner. Now while this is of little interest to the PC-owning population, I bet there are still thousand of Britons who have invested in digital cameras, to say nothing of the millions of camera phone owners, who would like to not just make their own prints but have a permanent back up of their shots.

As well as its headline feature the Lexmark P450 can also print images from camera phones directly via Bluetooth, has compatibility with a good range of memory cards, enables preview and editing of images on its 2.4inch colour LCD screen and includes an output so users can gawp at their images on a TV, This being Lexmark the printer itself is unbelievably cheap at £149.99. Ink cartridges start at about £15.

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