Projection Design's 1080p HDTV projector

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Although the stores are now filling with plasma and LCD screens that are capable of showing high definition TV images, serious home cinema enthusiast still swear that the only way to watch HDTV footage will be on projection systems.
One that’s likely to shoot to the top of any home cinema lovers wants list is the Action! Model Three 1080
from Projection Design. We don’t have the full spec at the moment but the company is claiming the projector is the first true high definition DLP model in that is delivers 1080p (the P stands for progressive) uncompressed images. In other words the native resolution of professional digital TV and film cameras. Most of the plasma and LCD sets offer 1080i (the I is for interlaced) which aren’t quite as richly detailed.
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  • Can you tell me the advantages verse the disadvantages of procuring a rear screen projector as opposed to a front screen projector? Your assistance is appreciated.

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