Dream'eo's Windows personal video player

Personal video players

Here’s a real rarity – a personal video player that’s landed in the UK that has seemingly come from nowhere. Available from online retailer Widget the Dream’eo PVP E320 is a 20 Gigabyte personal video player that does all the usual stuff – MPEG-1, MPEG-4 SP, ASF, WMV, AVI video playback on its 3.5inch 320×420 resolution LCD screen. It also has compatibility with both MP3 and WMA formats and comes with its own remote control.
The downside; well there’s no stereo speakers, just a mono one; playback battery life is a fairly rubbish three hours and there’s no direct encoding of video from your TV. Much of these foibles are because it has a Windows OS, though it doesn’t say if you get the benefits of this like access to downloaded copyright protected WMA files.
Curious. Anyhow it is yours for a pretty competitive £200.

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