Adaptex claims to cut PC keystrokes by 80%


Being a lazy tyke, any innovation that helps cut down the number of keystrokes I have to make while writing Tech Digest, gets my vote. So I am a tad excited about new software application called AdapTex from Scottish company KeyPoint Technologies which apparently cuts down keystrokes by a whopping 80%.
Essentially it is smarter version of the predictive text systems that’s found on pretty much all mobiles. The big difference is that AdapTex system doesn’t use guesswork like predictive text, rather it takes into account the context and the relevance of the text.

‘It is about recognition of the patterns you use and is therefore unique to the user. It can remodel itself from any document to reflect the author’s natural vocabulary, language traits and topics,’ says KeyPoint Tech’s MD Sanjay Patel.
It is also smart enough to learn and reshape itself dynamically.
The company claims to be on the verge of signing with one of the big PC manufacturers and is also in talks with mobile phone companies. Here’s hoping it gets those deals.

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