Fab Oxfam Charidee auction


Ok, so it is not very techy, but this is for a very good cause. Oxfam’s Suffolk division have persuaded a bunch of celebs to sign items for a charity auction, to be held on 1st October in Woodbridge, Suffolk.  Johnny Woss has donated one of his suits, Sk8Avril er-girl Avril Lasagne’s offered a signed tie and photo, Cherie Blair’s given a dress and scarf, and best of all, Queen guitarist Brian May has donated a  poodle wig pair of leather trousers. Brit celebs include Noel Edmonds, Gary Lineker, Bill Oddie and Julian Clary, among others. All the dosh goes to the Make Poverty History campaign. You can’t bid online, but check this eBay auction for the phone number and instructions.

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