Sony Ericsson PXi concept phone for left-handers – but why?

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This concept piece is apparently designed with left-handed mobile users in mind. But there are no details about what’s different on creator Bence Bogar’s design site. The little thumb wheel is right there, on the right-hand side, exactly where it is on all those fancy Blackberry things. It’s pretty much symmetrical.

It looks like a perfectly normal iPhone rip-off:


A stylus is a stylus, a keypad is a keypad, and it doesn’t matter which ear you hold phones up to as the speakers and microphones tend to be in the middle. We are at a total loss as to why a phone might need to be designed specifically for left-handers.

If you are a left-handed mobile user, please let us know what your problems and issues are, if there are any. Thanks.

(Via Yanko Design)

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One thought on “Sony Ericsson PXi concept phone for left-handers – but why?

  • I’m not a left hander so can’t help you. I had a look at the menu system in the pictures and that also looks exactly like a “right” handed phone.

    It also looks like a Nintento NES controller from years ago.

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