Sky tempts in the style conscious with limited edition Sky HD designer boxes

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Sky dishes aren’t particularly attractive, but Sky boxes? Well, they’ve just gone from plain and functional to sought-after items, thanks to the input of a few creative types.

The Sky HD Designer Collection is the media giant’s attempt to draw in the more shallow amongst us, with the promise of a designer box to watch some high-brow telly in glorious high-def. The designers vying to catch your eye are Basso & Brooke (who did the stylish number above), Giles Deacon, Preen, Gareth Pugh and Jonathan Saunders.

The phrase ‘love it or hate it’ springs to mind on all of the boxes, but if you think the former, you can buy the boxes now for a limited time, priced between £199 and £299, plus your subscription. Check out all the designs at the link below.

Sky HD Designer Collection

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  • Each to their own – but aren’t people going to spend 99% of the time watching what’s on their screens, not the ornament on top of it? The black & white one by Guy Pugh looks like it has camouflage that battleships used to have so you’ll probably end up not seeing it at all.

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