Panasonic targets gamers with their PT-AX200E projector

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panasonic-PT-AX200E.jpgHere’s another treat for gamers to immerse themselves in their chosen game – the Panasonic PT-AX200E projector. Pair it with the Third Space Vest from yesterday, and your wealthy thumbs are set.

The 720p-resolution, 2,000 lumen-bright projector features a unique Games Mode which supposedly optimises the signal processing, so those high-def PS3 and 360 games will look even brighter and more realistic than they already do on your LCD/Plasma screens. Plus, the response time will be reduced to just 5ms from the original 15ms.

Not only that, but it’s sporting Panasonic’s usual Light Harmonizer 2 jobbie, allowing users to adjust the picture to complement the environment’s lighting, plus the 2x optical zoom lens and lens shift function helps get the picture perfect, whatever the size of your screen.

For gamers wanting to settle for 720p, be prepared to cough up £1,098.99.

Panasonic (via Shiny Shiny)

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