Korea/Japan Week: Kim Jong-Il boasts he's an 'internet expert'

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sq_kim_jong_il.jpgWell, well, well, it looks like Kim Jong-Il fancies himself as a bit of an ‘internet expert’. Funny that, considering most of North Korea still doesn’t have access to the internet, let alone electricity in the evenings.

Jong-Il recently met with the South Korean President, Roh Moo-Hyun (only the second time North and South Korean leaders have ever met), and one of their topics of conversation happened to be the internet. When Moo-Hyun broached the subject of allowing South Korean companies located within the North Korean city of Kaesong to have access to the net, Jong-Il took the chance to boast of his hax0r skillzorz.

“I’m an Internet expert too”, he apparently claimed. Wonder how his country’s 23 million citizens reacted to that one, when they’re prohibited from using the internet and mobile phones outside of the government.

(via Daily Tech)

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