Korea/Japan Week: More cool stuff from the KDDI Design Studio store

Korea/Japan Week, Mobile phones


I’ve already posted a few things from KDDI’s showcase Design Studio in Tokyo today, but there was plenty more mobile stuff to gawp at. Here’s a few of the highlights, starting with…

Casio Exilim W53CA mobile (above). It has a five-megapixel camera and is clearly rocking the same convergence thang as Sony Ericsson’s Cyber-shot handsets. I wonder if Casio will ever bring this range West.


Superbling phone holders. You know you want one.

Sanyo’s W53SA Donald Duck phone. It quackquackquacks when you close it, and cheerily greets you when you open it – both in Donald’s voice. Who’d last more than 15 minutes before turning that option off?


Teeny Tiny Handsets. I don’t think they’re working models…


Speecys 101C internet connectable network robot. You can dial him up using your KDDI phone and get him to wander round the house spying on things with his webcam. Sadly, he wasn’t working today when we visited. Damn technical hitches, eh?


Job predicting machine. This analyses your mug using KDDI’s facial recognition technology, then tells you what job you’re best suited to. I should be a sommelier, an artist or a celebrity/entertainer, apparently. I don’t think ‘blogger’ was an option…


QR Code business cards. This was cool – a kiosk that you sit down at to browse KDDI’s range of mobile content – games, music etc. You choose three things that you’re interested in, and it then takes your photo, and produces a set of paper business cards with your pic on one side, and the three services on the other – all with scannable QR codes that, if you take a snap of them using your cameraphone, serve up your personal details or take you to the mobile internet sites.


MYSQ Dancing Booth. It stands for My Style So Qute, by the way. It’s a booth with squares on the floor and a recording camera. You caper about like an idiot, and it then turns the footage into a downloadable video for your phone. Sadly, my dancing style isn’t qute, it’s qrap, so I didn’t try it out.


Lismo Forest. KDDI was having problems explaining its LISMO mobile music service, so it decided to create a cutesy squirrel character to represent it. As you do. And as you reach the top of the Design Studio building, there’s an entire shop devoted to the little chap / chapess. It’s the most niche store since I went to the Celine Dion shop in Las Vegas, but still pretty cool.

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