Korea/Japan Week: More cool stuff from the KDDI Design Studio store


I’ve already posted a few things from KDDI’s showcase Design Studio in Tokyo today, but there was plenty more mobile stuff to gawp at. Here’s a few of the highlights, starting with…

Casio Exilim W53CA mobile (above). It has a five-megapixel camera and is clearly rocking the same convergence thang as Sony Ericsson’s Cyber-shot handsets. I wonder if Casio will ever bring this range West.

Korea/Japan Week: KDDI takes fashion phones to another level


One of the most interesting zones in KDDI’s Design Studio store in Tokyo is the area where they show off a range of fashion phones, created by a bunch of top Japanese designers.

The ones above are the Infobar 2, which is due to go on sale next month in Japan. They’re quite long and thin, which you might think would put users off, but apparently they’ve already created a huge buzz in Japan since being announced earlier this year.

Korea/Japan Week: KDDI's waterproof digital TV phone that works underwater


“Who would like to watch TV while they’re in the bath?” asked a chap from Japanese operator KDDI, during his presentation this morning at the company’s Design Studio in Tokyo. Er…

Anyway, it was a cue to show off the W53SA phone, which lets you watch 1seg digital TV (that’s the Japanese standard), but is also fully waterproof, so works even when you dunk it in a big bowl of water. Which I proceeded to do: