Hand-drawn passwords on the way – everyone to start using a drawing of bosoms


hand-drawn-passwords.jpgSome “scientists” are developing a way to let us all use drawings instead of numbers for passwords. So instead of simply typing “1919” or “iLoveKylie” you’ll be forced to fumble for a stylus and attempt to recreate the picture of your private parts you foolishly set as a pass-drawing.

The idea is that these drawings will be harder to copy and easier to remember, a bit like a signature. The exciting new thing about this latest version of the technology – called Background Draw a Secret – is the addition of a background picture, which, apparently, makes it easier for users to remember the pass-doodle they scrawled on top and recreate it on demand.

This sounds like another one of technology’s great dead ends, just like speech recognition. We’ll still be reading stories about how this is The Future 50 years from now, while live demonstrations go hilariously wrong time after time. It’ll never happen. It’s just a scam to get lottery funding.

(Via Daily Mail)

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Gary Cutlack
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