Mandylion Password Manager – military grade protection


Thinking of a password is never easy, thinking of a secure one is a nightmare – but it’s important if you want to keep your online world safe from the undesirables on the web. But there is a way of doing it with absolutely no effort – the Mandylion Password Manager.

Tested for three years in military environments, this keyring-sized device can securely manage up to 50 logins, each in accordance with any guidelines (minimum characters, case etc). It also prompts you to change your passwords at preset time intervals and has ‘tamper-resistant’ features to protect both the device and the data stored. And it operates outside your PC or PDA, via a cradle hooked up via USB.

The downside? Not Mac compatible sadly. But if you own a PC, you can pick it up for $49.99 (around £25).

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