Panasonic eyes up new walkthrough iris-recognition gate


panasonic-iris-gate.jpgOne of the best technology launches I’ve ever attended was for some new iris-recognition based ID systems for airports. Why? It’s the only press conference where serious security journalists were asking questions like ‘Could it detect severed eyeballs?’ and ‘Can it tell a live person’s eyes from a dead person’s?’. Marvellous.

Anyway, Panasonic is pretty good at this iris-recognition tech (for the record, the answers were ‘yes’ and ‘yes’). Its latest product is a walk-through scanner, which saves scannees having to squint directly into a camera to prove they’re not a terrorist.

You have to walk through fairly slowly, of course, but apparently it takes just two seconds to provide an ID match. Airports and high-security offices are the likely places it’ll be installed first, although I daresay this kind of thing will replace home doorbells sometime in the technofuture. Maybe.

(via Tech-On)

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Stuart Dredge