Oki Japan introduces iris identification for mobile phones

Mobile phones

iris_recognition_software.jpgOki Japan has just introduced its iris recognition software (or Iris Authentication Middleware, to be more accurate) for Windows Mobile and Symbian-based mobile phones, allowing any mobile with a built-in one megapixel or better camera to be secured.

After initial registration of one or other eye, which only takes a few seconds, the system works by allowing the application to use the camera to lock and unlock the phone.

Oki reckon that the chance of a false positive (letting someone else’s eye ‘unlock’ your phone) is 1 in 100,000, though (as Oh Gizmo! speculates) there are no such figures for “false negatives”. Being locked out of your own phone because your eye didn’t quite look right after that big night out might be a tad irritating.

(Via Oh Gizmo!)

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