The DeLorean could be making a comeback


delorean.jpgFor most men, boys, uncomfortable youths and girls who are into that sort of thing, the DeLorean is the ultimate fantasy car. Ferraris are for idiot footballers – real men want a dirty DeLorean.

Even before it was immortalised in Back to the Future, the flashy gull-wing motor just had a bit of magic about it, thanks to its space-age (for 1982) angular looks and, call us shallow, a really cool-sounding name. Now American fan Danny Botkin wants to bring the thing back.

Botkin’s planning to start a limited production run, based out of his Houston car shop. It’s possible thanks to James Espey, current boss of DeLorean Motor Co. – the company that bought up the leftovers of the original DeLorean company after it went bust in 1982.

Espey still has 200 of the original DeLorean engines left in stock, and can strip one down and rebuild one good as new for you for about $42,000. Once the original parts have run out, though, which should happen this year, Espey and Botkin plan to start making around 20 new DeLorean’s from scratch each year.

Or you could just buy a black Volkswagen Scirocco, they look about the same and you can get a decent F-reg model for about £400.

Via (LA Times)

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