Google presents incredible image recognition tool


Google is today presenting a paper at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference in Miami that indicates a huge step forward in image recognition technology.

The paper describes a system, not available in Google labs as of yet, that Google has developed using a complex indexing system that draws on data already available on the web to identify famous landmarks.

Currently their project can identify up to 50,000 landmarks with an accuracy rate of 80%. Impressive stuff eh?

It’s early days but Google’s announcement hints that the area of photographic recognition could develop incredibly over the next few years. They say: “We expect the insights we’ve gained will lay a useful foundation for future research in computer vision.”

(via Google)

Hand-drawn passwords on the way – everyone to start using a drawing of bosoms

hand-drawn-passwords.jpgSome “scientists” are developing a way to let us all use drawing instead of numbers for passwords. So instead of simply typing “1919” or “BradPitt69” you’ll be forced to fumble for a stylus and attempt to recreate the drawing of your private parts you foolishly set as a pass-drawing.

The idea is that these drawings will be harder to copy and easier to remember, a bit like a signature. The exciting new thing about this version of the technology is…