Dilbert creator Scott Adams appears in Second Life for nut-kicking extravaganza

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The latest celebrity to venture into Second Life is Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert cartoon strip. He was promoting his new book by fielding questions from SL users (including one Dogbert avatar), and allowing guests to, er, kick him in the nuts. You wouldn’t get that at a Waterstones signing.

Sadly, he hasn’t got any plans to put Second Life actually into the Dilbert strip. “I don’t know about Dilbert characters in Second Life,” he said. “It’s too hard to draw a comic with crappy art that depicts crappy looking avatars. Unless two wrongs make a right. It might be worth a try just for the scientific knowledge.”

Other stuff: He’s a fan of The Office, he’s keen to do some more Ratbert, and said his ideal political system would involve “each resident having a button that votes whether the leader should be killed, and when the popularity gets below say 20%, he goes up in a ball of fire.” More via the transcript below.

(via GDay World)

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