Considering a GPS system? It could get you off paying a speeding fine…

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police-speed-gun.jpgGPS systems are normally regarded as more trouble than they’re worth, but how’s this for helping you settle your mind once and for all on the should-I-or-shouldn’t-I issue: they may just help you dodge speeding tickets.

At least, that’s what one 17-year old boy is hoping, who was caught in California doing 62MPH in a 45MPH zone. He’s contesting the speeding fine he received from the police, as the GPS system his parents installed in his car to record his whereabouts in an all too 1984-stylee, also records his speed. They’ve gone to court over the matter, arguing that his system shows he was within the limit, and the radar system used to fine him was faulty, as they’re often known to be.

Whether the court case will be accepted is unknown, as this is the first time someone’s used a GPS system as evidence against a speeding fine, but if it proves successful, sales of the devices are sure to rise. Now, I wonder if there’s some way to tinker with them, and edit the speed records…?

(via Ars Technica)

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One thought on “Considering a GPS system? It could get you off paying a speeding fine…

  • Tinker with the track log? Of course it’s possible, and this is one of the weaknesses of most current GPS systems as forensic evidence. This could be dealt with in several ways, one of which would be to have the GPS data transmitted in more or less real time to a trusted third party that could attest to the data’s integrity and accuracy. I believe this is the case with the kid in California. Most current in-car and portable GPS sat nav systems, however, do not record this historical information, and so would be of little use in attacking a speeding ticket.

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