eBay Nutcase of the Week: Woman auctions virginity


A 22-yr old Californian student has attempted to auction her virginity on popular online auction site eBay. She claims she’s doing it to pay for her college education, but a huge online debate about sexuality and morality has surfaced. The student, who isn’t using her real name, attempted to place an auction on eBay, but the site turned her down. She’s instead going to be auctioning it at a public event in a brothel in Nevada – the “Moonlite Bunny Ranch”. She’s hoping the bidding will reach US$1 million…

Considering a GPS system? It could get you off paying a speeding fine…

police-speed-gun.jpgGPS systems are normally regarded as more trouble than they’re worth, but how’s this for helping you settle your mind once and for all on the should-I-or-shouldn’t-I issue: they may just help you dodge speeding tickets.

At least, that’s what one 17-year old boy is hoping, who was caught in California doing 62MPH in a 45MPH zone. He’s contesting the speeding fine he received from the police, as the GPS system his parents installed…

Tech Digest to live-blog Apple's product announcement tonight, 6PM GMT

As everyone and their grandmother can tell you, there’s a super-secret Apple product launch happening tonight, and as ‘super-secret’ implies, no-one really knows what will be announced. Sure, there’s rumours circling thar intarwebs faster than it takes a Microsoft fanboy to say “yeh well the Zune 2.0 will be available in pink”, but nothing’s been set in concrete as yet.

Alex from Shiny Shiny, and yours truly from Tech Digest will be heading over to the BBC studios tonight to watch a live broadcast via satellite of Steve Jobs’s conference in California and will be merrily live-blogging the night away. So, keep pressing F5 on our live-blog post here at Tech Digest, as we’ll be updating every few minutes.

Want to hear some of those kuuuuraaaazy rumours the Apple kids have been spreading in the last few weeks? Read on below the jump for some of the best….