Brando continues to puzzle customers, with their USB-powered blender alarm clock


USB-Blender-Alarm-Clock.jpgI’m sure that if Brando ever went into liquidation and had to sell off all their stock for CRAZY BRANDO WAREHOUSE prices, the whole internet would probably crash, due to people plugging all manner of unnecessary USB gadgetry into their computers.

Take, for example, their latest gizmo, the USB Blender alarm clock. Firstly, who has their computer on their bedside table, and would need a USB alarm clock, anyway? It’ll certainly ensure you wake up at the intended 6.55am time though, by playing ‘an assortment of 1970s game-show jingles’, with the blades whirring frantically, making the balls inside jiggle about in a suitably AM-annoying way. US$25, for maximum morning hell potential.

Brando’s USB-powered blender alarm clock

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Katherine Hannaford
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