Brando continues to puzzle customers, with their USB-powered blender alarm clock

USB-Blender-Alarm-Clock.jpgI’m sure that if Brando ever went into liquidation and had to sell off all their stock for CRAZY BRANDO WAREHOUSE prices, the whole internet would probably crash, due to people plugging all manner of USB gadgetry into their computers. The internets would all blow up 🙁

Take, for example, their latest gizmo, the USB Blender alarm clock. Firstly, who has their computer on their…

Steve Jobs tops Blender's chart of online music influencers

steve_jobs_ipod.jpgUS music magazine Blender has crowned Steve Jobs the most influential people involved ‘behind the scenes’ in web music.

They view Jobs as a technology trendsetter, thanks to the iPod and iTunes

“The iTunes Store and the iPod have done more to change the way people listen to music than anything since the CD, and maybe since the sound recording,” said Craig Marks, Blender’s editor-in-chief.