The Shake 'N Take Personal Smoothie Maker

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shake-n-take.jpgSummer means only one thing – smoothies! The easy way to eat fruit, the nice way to eat fruit, the fun way to eat fruit. And if you have them without putting loads of ice cream in they’re good for you too.

The Shake ‘N Take Personal Smoothie Maker is small and portable and the plastic cup bit is designed to fit a car’s cup holder. You blend, you unhook the see-through bit, you guzzle down more fruit in two minutes than most people eat in a year.

Our only worry is the narrow nature of the cup. Cleaning it might be a bit of a nightmare, especially if it’s been sitting in your car with bits of banana hardening on it for a couple of weeks.

Please do not attempt to blend fruit while singing karaoke and driving. We don’t want any readers dying on us.

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