Daily Tech Hotlinks for 29-June-2007: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows virus, Beastie Boys, Flickr, EMI, DRM, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows Live Folders

Daily Tech Hotlinks

– Virus-creators are getting relevant and timely, by releasing a worm disguised as a leaked copy of the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows novel, due to rear its cloaked head on July 21st. Brilliant things happen to your PC once infected, including the appearance of new Windows users named after characters in the books, and evil threats against J.K. Rowling.
– Proving that the end is nigh, and soon even Michael Moore will be cashing in his chips, the Beastie Boys have – gasp! – created an official Flickr account. Stay tuned for their official Tapatap account!
– Since discovering that after EMI dropped DRM on iTunes their sales have increased dramatically, even to 350% for a Pink Floyd album. I’ve had three heart failures due to the shock of it all. DRM-free? Sales increase? Shocker!
– 1up are reporting that gamer Justin Lowe is now on his 12th Xbox 360, after 11 of them have been sent back to Microsoft for a myriad of problems. But get this – he still loves the big M and rates the 360 8/10. Fanboyism, much?
– Microsoft is giving 5,000 test users a maximum of 500MB of online storage for their documents, music, photos and videos, and it’ll be made public later this Summer, as Windows Live Folders supposedly. Erm…Google documents, 7digital, Flickr and YouTube, anyone?

Katherine Hannaford
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