Are you Britain's biggest geek? Forget entering Pop Idol, and check out Geek Idol instead

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It’s fairly obvious you’re a geek. You’re reading Tech Digest, a blog about consumer electronics. You saw the headline ‘Are you the Britain’s biggest geek?’, and thought ‘well, I am at level 67 on WoW and both my skinny biceps are covered with temporary tattoos of Apple’s logo, as I can’t bear the thought of needles as it reminds me too much of an X-Files episode’. Admit it, you’re a geek, but that’s ok, you’re in good company here – we’re all geeks here, and darn proud too.

Thank goodness The Sun and the lovely chaps at one of our print-rivals, Stuff magazine, have teamed up to give you a reason to celebrate your geekhood. Geek Idol – it’s like Pop Idol but with skinny gamers instead of skinny gay-mers. Their aim is to find the geekiest boffin in Britian, and it’s really quite simple to enter. All you need to do is send them a picture of you dressed in your full-on ‘geek’ mode, with an email explaining why you deserve the prestigious title. If you *really* want to trump your Lone Gunmen-esque friends, you can send a video in as well. You’ve got until the 25th of October to prove you know your ASCII from your Asterix.

What’ll you win, other than the knowledge you’re possibly Britian’s brainiest bod? Free entry to the Stuff show in Hammersmith (we’ll be there!), train travel, accomodation for the Stuff show night (Nov 3rd), and a plasma TV fireplace from Picture House.

I wish I could enter, but I’m not allowed 🙁

Geek Idol

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