Evesham launches 1080p Alqemi VX TVs – and throws in an upscaling DVD player


Evesham has new 37-inch and 42-inch Alqemi VX LCD TVs on the market – and it’s offering an upscaling DVD player with each one.

The new models offer full 1080p high definition, analogue and digital tuners, a Picture in Picture (PiP) function, two HDMI connections and two scart connections. There’s also that upscaling DVD player, which should boost the looks of your tired old DVD collection, seeing as very little of it will be available as a Blu-ray or HD DVD disc right now.

Available now, prices start at £649.


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Dave Walker
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One thought on “Evesham launches 1080p Alqemi VX TVs – and throws in an upscaling DVD player

  • Hi People,
    i bought this 42″ LCD version after much deliberations, i’m no techy geek so spent s long time researching. HD is in 4 flavours, then we get Tvs which can handel but not display certain resolutions. keep in mind full HDi 1080p is unlikely to be transmitted an time soon due to bandwidth needed, so will be used for games and blue ray sources mainly.

    this Eversham deal is just amazing, so much so it did seemed too good to be true, so raised unfounded caution in me. but at this spec with a HDi DVD player chucked in (and a very simple wall bracket, which i only discovered on opening the box) @ £799.00 delivered i could not resist it.

    i took delivery 6 days after payment. to my surprise it is far superior (imo) to Sony Bravia and Panasonic offerings in this price range.

    grab a bargain before they realise there is no competition for it and bump up the prices 😉

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