Are you Britain's biggest geek? Forget entering Pop Idol, and check out Geek Idol instead

It’s fairly obvious you’re a geek. You’re reading Tech Digest, a blog about consumer electronics. You saw the headline ‘Are you the Britain’s biggest geek?’, and thought ‘well, I am at level 67 on WoW and both my skinny biceps are covered with temporary tattoos of Apple’s logo, as I can’t bear the thought of needles as it reminds me too much of an X-Files episode’. Admit it, you’re a geek, but that’s ok, you’re in good company here – we’re all geeks here, and darn proud too.

Thank goodness The Sun and the lovely chaps at one of our print-rivals, Stuff magazine, have teamed up to give you a reason to celebrate your geekhood. Geek Idol – it’s like Pop…