WowWee has done it again, with the Barry B. Benson bee


WowWee, those ever-inventive chaps behind the Robosapien, FlyTech Dragonfly and Robopanda amongst a whole other menagerie of animals, has just added another critter to the collection. They’ve teamed up with DreamWorks to produce a piece of merchandise bound to be on every kiddywink’s Christmas want-list this year, ‘Barry B. Benson’ from the upcoming Bee Movie.

Using the same technology as the FlyTech Dragonfly from a few months back, it’s apparently crash-resistant and can reach speeds of up to 18mph. Wowsers, WowWee, that’s faster than the bus I catch to work! It’ll be gliding into stores in October and will retail for around $50.

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