Take amazing macro photos like this dew-soaked bee for £931 using a Nikon D200


No, this blog isn’t turning into Flickr, don’t worry! I spotted this photo and wondered what camera photographer Martin Amm used for this amazing macro. In case you’re wondering too, it’s a Nikon D200, using a Schneider-Kreuznach 50 mm-f/2.8 lens.

If you’d like to attempt a similar photo, the body will cost you £798, with the lens just £133. Of course, it’s not just the equipment you use, it’s also the skills of the photographer which result in a photo like this. Marvellous…

WowWee has done it again, with the Barry B. Benson bee

WowWee, those ever-inventive chaps behind the Robosapien, FlyTech Dragonfly and Robopanda amongst a whole other menagerie of animals, have just added another critter to the collection. They’ve teamed up with DreamWorks to produce a piece of merchandise bound to be on every kiddywink’s Christmas want-list this year, Barry B. Benson from the upcoming Bee Movie.

Using the same technology…