Robosapien gets a Sesame Street makeover to become ElmoSapien

elmosapien-robot.jpgCor. Someone’s taken the Robosapien robot and merged it with an Elmo hand puppet to produce ElmoSapien, complete with over 200 custom sound effects to make the bot sound just like the real Elmo.

Well, the fictional puppet Elmo, obviously, but you know what I mean. Full instructions on how to make ElmoSapien are provided on the RobotsRule website, and it seems fairly easy. Better still, it’s effectively a suit for your Robosapien, so doesn’t mess the bot up if you want to transform him back in the future.

WowWee has done it again, with the Barry B. Benson bee

WowWee, those ever-inventive chaps behind the Robosapien, FlyTech Dragonfly and Robopanda amongst a whole other menagerie of animals, have just added another critter to the collection. They’ve teamed up with DreamWorks to produce a piece of merchandise bound to be on every kiddywink’s Christmas want-list this year, Barry B. Benson from the upcoming Bee Movie.

Using the same technology…

Tech Digest's Robot World Cup: Semi-Final


No, we hadn’t forgotten about it. We were just giving the final bots in our Robot World Cup a few weeks to rest their bones (well, mechanical joints) before rejoining battle. And what a battle it is. We’re at the semi-final stage, which means the last four robots in the competition. Three of ’em are humanoid: Honda’s Asimo, WowWee’s Robosapien RS Media, and KornTech’s Rogun. The quartet is completed by iRobot’s military Packbot, which swaps legs for tank treads.