TurntablistPC: computer and DJ deck in arty harmony



Some people are so wrapped up in the digital future that they’re chucking out their CDs in favour of an entirely digital music collection. Yet there’s a parallel trend going on, which involves Young Trendy People buying turntables and getting back into vinyl. Good for them.

When I first saw the Turntablist PC, I thought it was the ultimate hybrid product to cater to both those groups. Sadly, it’s an art installation from Danish bloke Mogens Jacobsen. It’s a turntable mounted on an old PC, which acts as a server which can be contacted by people’s websites.

The arty bit is that every time someone visits a participating website, the device plays whatever record’s on its turntable, spinning it clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on the location of that website. Which at least means you get to hear all the Satanic backwards messages on Geri Halliwell records. Oh, they are there. Trust me.

TurntablistPC website (via BornRich)

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