SeaGrand Genesound – vinyl to MP3 in one simple midi system

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Only in Japan right now, but for vinyl hoarders with a fear of leads and PCs, the SeaGrand Genesound should be well worth a look if/when it hits the rest of the world.

Good for transferring both 7-inch and LP records, the unit has a pair of stereo speakers for playback from LP or CD and the look of a fairly basic hi-fi. And to be honest, that’s what it would be but for its burning capabilities. Spin that vinyl and you can burn tracks or albums in MP3 format to SD card, external USB devices or to CD via the built-in drive.

What we don’t know as yet is the price of this simplicity – although I’m pretty sure it’s more than the price of a lead to connect a deck to a PC.

Seagrand website

Via Engadget and Akihabara News

Dave Walker
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