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Samsung have announced a new addition to their Ultra range of mobile phones, with the Ultra Smart F700. The phone, which they’re calling ‘revolutionary’ (doesn’t every manufacturer?), will be showcased at next week’s 3GSM World Congress, so we’re sure to hear more about it, and get our mitts on it then.

The phone features a full touch screen user interface on its 2.78 inch colour display (440×240 pixel resolution), has a slide-out full QWERTY keypad, and VibeTonz technology that provides tactile feedback to the user.

They’ve utilised a ‘drag and drop’ interface allowing easier menu navigation, music play list control, and other functions. Is this sounding like the iPhone to you? Touch screens certainly seem to be the ‘in thing’ right now; I wonder how many more manufacturers will beat Apple to it…

Anyway, back to the Samsung. The Ultra Smart F700 features HSDPA giving a maximum data transfer speed of 7.2Mbps. This means a 4MB song could be downloaded in around 4 seconds.

The phone has a full HTML web browser, a whopping 5-megapixel camera with auto focus, Bluetooth, WAP, Java, and USB. It features microSD expansion, and measures up at 104 x 50 x 16.4mm.

No exact word on availability yet, and price will depend on who you get it with. Looks very nice though – anyone want one?

Andy Merrett
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