Samsung SCH-W559 gets tactile control with VibeTonz technology

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Not yet available in the UK, Samsung’s SCH-W559 features Immersion’s VibeTonz technology, which provides “tactile control” for the touchscreen handset.

The SCH-W559 is the first touchscreen-based handset to use the technology. It uses a large 260,000-color QVGA LCD touchscreen display to replace the traditional keypad (not unlike the recently-announced iPhone), with users confirming tactile cues when they press graphical onscreen controls, which can be customised by selecting one of five feedback profiles for these cues.

It allows touchscreen-displayed buttons to feel more like mechanical keys, with the tactile feedback boosting usability in situations where controls are obscured or washed out by glare. The new phone is being sold by China Unicom currently and also includes handwriting recognition, Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel camera, and audio and video playback.

We’ll let you know if it is heading to the UK.

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