Pro-Ject Debut USB Turntable – convert your old vinyl to MP3 with a quality deck

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I own far too much vinyl – and that’s down to one reason – most of the vinyl I have I cannot get on CD or in digital format. And I’m sure I am not alone in that. Yes, there are plenty of record decks out there with USB connectivity (and numerous ways of hooking up standard decks), but I’m guessing the Pro-Ject Debut USB Turntable is one of the best quality decks around with USB connectivity.

Simply plug this turntable into the nearest USB port, click on your chosen software and start converting your collection. It’s that easy. Yes, I know the purist will argue that USB doesn’t represent the best way of converting music in terms of quality, but if you’re dumping it on an iPod and playing through standard earphones, you’ll hardly notice.

And the Pro-Ject Debut USB Turntable has another benefit – it has both line level and USB outputs so it can be used both with computers and conventional Hi-Fi systems. There’s also the inverted hardened stainless-steel points, sapphire thrust-pad bearings on the tone-arm, an arm-tube formed from a single piece of aluminium, a steel platter with felt mat and a decoupled motor to reduce vibration.

Available in a black or silver finish, it is expected to sell for around £210

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  • What a cracking piece of kit. I have one and have mixed some great CDs from onld vinyls using it

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