Tasty Lobster device only a concept…for now


Mmmm…lobster…is it too early for lunch? It’s certainly too early for beer. D’oh!

I’m not dribbling over the thought of lobster for nothing, there is actually a prototype dubbed the Lobster, developed by Danillo Mangini. This LCD screen module appears to be whatever you want it to be, namely an MP3 player, GPS, hard disk, camera and even cardiometer for those who care about their tickers. Fully customisable, users can add ‘links’ to the Lobster ‘tail’ for whatever functions they want to cart around with them that day. Whilst it’s just a concept at the moment, it’s something we can dream about for the not so distant future. Mmm…Lobster…

Danillo Mangini (via Yanko Design)

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Katherine Hannaford
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