Microsoft reveal mobile Internet browser prototype

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deepfish.gifMicrosoft has unveiled a prototype mobile Internet browser which it claims will mirror the ease of going online via a desktop PC.

Deepfish aims to solve the problems of slow loading, unintuitive pages that look different to what the user expects.

Microsoft has taken the approach of rendering the original ‘designed for PC’ web page, rather than relying on special mobile-friendly web sites.

Users will be able to zoom in and out on sections of web pages, making it faster and easier to navigate through a page.

The Deepfish technology has been released as a prototype in order to gain feedback from users, and will be available in limited numbers on a first-come first-served basis from It seems that they’ve already hit their initial limits, though they may open up the project to more testers in the future.

It works on smartphones and Pocket PCs, though I couldn’t find a detailed list of which phones are currently supported.

The site explains Deepfish’s current status:

As a technology preview, Deepfish is early in its development cycle (still a few releases from beta quality). As a result some features are not implemented or are only partially implemented. Currently, the technology preview does not support ActiveX controls, AJAX, cookies, Javascript, and HTTP POST.

We’ll keep you posted on how this technology develops.

Andy Merrett
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